Couple of warm up doodles

Playing with pens… Because procrastination!

Rough/unfinished animation from a past assignment. I will upload the finished version later!

Animation practice, walk cycle! 

A bit of an anatomy study that we did in life drawing. Not my best work, but kind of cool, especially since I don’t have a background in science type stuffs :)

Doodle.. First thing I’ve drawn just because I can in almost two months and Maaaan did it feel good lol

Some thumbnails I have done for my design class. 3 point perspective, out of the 15 I did these are the only two that I sort of like. Next stage will be to blow whichever one I go with up and work on a rough.

Just handed this in, the character’s name is Wendy, the animation is all mine. We are learning character reactions, and as you can see, she is happy (i like to think someone just gave her a puppy.. just saying)

Day 2/31